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Hello Donna,

I just wanted to drop you a note saying how much we appreciate you guys. You and your staff "Kim" treated just as nice when we canceled all of our policies as you did when opened them not mention that you and your company have always been there for us to help in anyway you could. It good to be back knowing Heritage Insurance is always there.

Good job, very impressed keep up the good work.

Jack Anderson
Superior Stone & Tile LLC

Jack Anderson, Superior Stone & Tile
Donna, some of us "maniacs" out in this world are quick to scream and yell when things doesn't exactly go our way and I'm certainly no exception to that. At the same time, so very few of us share an accolade from time to time when one is certainly due. Well this email is the exception to the rule.
A few weeks back, I received a notice from my homeowners Insurance Co that indicated my premium was going up about $300.00. I started the screaming as I described above and the next day I phoned Deidre to basically display my frustration. From the time she answered the phone she took over the situation and told me she had already noticed that increase and was working on other companies to get it back to what I was originally paying.
I guess I was a little surprised that she was already working on this and then how she has completely took over the situation. She has found another carrier and the premium is in order as before. She has even talked with the bank and arranged all of the drafts properly. My frustration has spilled over to being proud to have Heritage Insurance as my agency and most of all having a person like Deidre taking care of me.
I must say that she does your staff proud. When I call her, I receive a pleasant and courteous voice with straight answers with no excuses and a very noticeable best effort in resolving any lousy situation. Deidre is an example for all of us. She is very knowledgeable and professional in her actions and really proves what Customer Service is all about. I sincerely thank her for her efforts and she should be congratulated.
Randy George

Randy George
Have I told you lately how awesome you are? Well you are! Thanks as always.

Max Otarola
Max Otarola, Greenville, SC

I can not say enough good things about your company and staff. I finished going through all of my mail the other day and I noticed a small letter from you and your staff. I was blown away to see this; it baffled me, in a good way of course.  I work in retail sales which involves constant customer interaction.  I try my best to provide optimal service for each individual and every circumstance, although, you can not please everyone unfortunately.  I wish that my involvement with my customers was more personal so I could provide them with as much satisfaction and support as you and your staff has provided me.  I understand that I am another customer on your list of many and that's okay, the personal approach that you have offered me is unheard of in today's society.  I would like to extend a personal Thank You to you, your staff, and organization.  It brought an ear to ear smile to my face when I came across this letter. I felt as if someone was truly looking out for my best interests instead of  just my payments.  Please continue your personal approach to business and optimal customer care to all of your clients.  Some may not appreciate it as much as others but at the same time you never know who will need that extra support in hard times.  I know I did and will explain to everyone about an experience that has changed my approach to customer service.  I am an aspiring business owner and have debated with others about the importance of customer support and how without it your business will fail.  Your company will receive multiple referrals from me. 

Please explain to your organization my gratitude. I look forward to doing business with you and your staff in the future.

With much appreciation,

         Jonathan Tarleton and Brandy Runion

Jonathan Tarleton & Brandy Runion
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