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What To Do If You Are Involved In An Auto Accident An accident can be very distressing, but knowing what to do in advance can defiantly help when presented with this situation. Following a loss: ·        Stay at the scene in a safe place to gather information READ MORE >>

The named insured on your personal and commercial insurance polices must match the title, registration or deed on your autos, homes, watercraft and recreational vehicles or coverage will be denied. Please take time to review your information today!!! Example of an Insurable Interest READ MORE >>

How to Make a Personal Survival Kit Everyone should have a survival pack stored away to stay safe in a time of need. You never know when a storm, a power outage, a midnight car breakdown or even a national emergency may strike. A survival kit of any size should help you stay warm, hydrated and fed and should give you ways to signal for help. READ MORE >>

it's important to have an inventory list with photos and or videos to provide to adjusters in the event of a major loss- Take a few moments to log in and complete the forms- https://www.knowyourstuff.org/iii/login.html?brand=iii   READ MORE >>

http://www.openforum.com/articles/how-will-taxmageddon-affect-you 

One of the most important benefits that employers give their employees is the benefit of group insurance. For some, these group benefits are the only forms of insurance protection that an individual will ever have. READ MORE >>

Being a business owner is a lot like being a professional athlete in a competitive sport. Not only do you need to do that thing you do—and do it well, but you must also pay attention to everything going on around you and look out for potential problems before they occur. READ MORE >>

If you have a whole life insurance policy then part of your annual premium payment is applied toward your policy’s accumulating cash values. Cash values create the surrender and loan value of your life insurance contract, which means that your policy has a value beyond its death benefit, and that value can be borrowed against. READ MORE >>

When you first contemplate buying insurance, there are many various terms and policy choices that can be easily misinterpreted. Many consumers don’t realize the full scope of what their policies cover. What are the deductibles and limits on the policy? What special situations are covered in the auto or homeowners policies? READ MORE >>

When you apply for an auto insurance policy, before the insurance company can issue the policy they must try to foresee how much risk you will be worth if the policy is written. This helps them to manage the claims experience they have, determine whether or not to issue your policy and, if they do issue your policy, decide how much to charge you for it. READ MORE >>

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